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Nail surgery

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Nail biopsy, surgery for ingrown toenail

Nails are skin appendages, formed by keratin, the same protein found in hair.The most common procedures in the nail area have to do with ingrown toenails, where the nail for several reasons grows into the skin, which may lead to significant inflammation with pain and redness. It is worth noting that the initial treatment of this problem is non-surgical and has a very good success rate.

In the surgical treatment of an ingrown toenail, we remove only a small piece of the offending nail and solve the problem once and for all. Apart from this procedure in our practice we perform nail biopsies and remove tumours that are under the nail. Once more, it is important to underline that the use of dermoscopy (see mole check) is crucial and usually leads to avoiding inessential surgical procedures.

All surgical procedures in the nail require careful and efficient local anesthesia, otherwise they are very painful. In our practice we numb the whole finger, wait and then proceed with a totally painless operation.

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