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Mole check

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It is said that prevention is preferable to cure. Melanomas are a characteristic example proving this ancient saying by Hippocrates, since an early diagnosis leads to an excellent prognosis in the vast majority of cases. On the contrary, lesions that have been ignored are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. Regular checks of moles (nevi) in persons requiring follow ups due to personal and/or familial history and/or clinical picture leads to a timely diagnosis and optimum prognosis.

Dermoscopy revolutionised the clinical examination for skin neoplasms (skin tumours), since this apparatus (dermatoscope), which among other things allows us to examine a lesion magnified ten times, reduces the number of lesions that are removed pointlessly, while helping us correctly diagnose suspicious lesions.

The various types of nevi that may be precursor lesions for melanoma development are subject to investigation, while terms such as ‘dysplastic' nevi are often used, their meaning still residing in a ‘grey' area for most laymen (and many in the medical profession as well)

It is worth noting that Professor Aroni is one of the first to use dermoscopy in clinical dermatology, while she teaches the lecture of dermatoscopy / dermoscopy in the Medical School of Athens since 2004. Moreover, throughout her career she has significant work as an investigator and author in established international medical journals in the field of melanocytic lesions (nevi-moles) and melanomas.

Dr. Ioannidis has also a significant interest in the subject of melanocytic lesions (nevi-moles) and melanomas, with publications in international journals, while his PhD (doctoral dissertation) was on the subject of angiogenesis in congenital, common blue, aquired common and dysplastic nevi (moles) and melanomas and how it relates to melanoma progression.

Surgical removal of a lesion takes place in our practice and after biopsy, a histological report is provided.

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