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Skin surgery

In our practice we come by a significant number of dermatological problems daily that need small procedures, something that gives us great experience in this field.

In our surgical room, through the use of local anaesthesia we perform the painless destruction or removal of skin lesions. Whether they are benign lesions (e.g. moles, skin tags, warts, genital warts) or skin cancers, our aim is a medically correct and aesthetically optimum solution to each problem. If required, we will employ complex techniques (flaps, grafts) due to the size or the location of the lesion.

We always judge whether surgical removal is required and when we proceed a histological examination is performed and we provide a written biopsy result.

Mole removal

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With the term moles (nevi) we mean skin lesions composed of more than expected melanocytes. Melanocytes are naturally occurring cells in the epidermis that protect us from UV with their colour (melanin). Some moles exist since our birth (congenital nevi) and some are acquired during our lifetime (acquired nevi).

We remove moles for esthetic and medical reasons, however for both occasions in our practice removal is surgical, without cauterizations, laser injury etc. This is a conscious choice since on the one hand, the aesthetic result is totally comparable and on the other hand and most importantly, we believe it is bad...

Skin cancer

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A bleeding 'mole' is sometimes a warning bell that leads a patient to our practice.

Skin cancer is perhaps the 'best' form of cancer one may get! It may sound strange and even macabre, but the fact is that skin cancers are almost always treated with a simple excision that leads to a cure. This may be perhaps since it is not hidden in some internal organ, allowing us to diagnose it early, before it grows and gives rise to metastases. However, this requires a patient that watches over his/her skin and comes for a skin check up. Surgical removal usually...

Nail surgery

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Nail biopsy, surgery for ingrown toenail

Nails are skin appendages, formed by keratin, the same protein found in hair.The most common procedures in the nail area have to do with ingrown toenails, where the nail for several reasons grows into the skin, which may lead to significant inflammation with pain and redness. It is worth noting that the initial treatment of this problem is non-surgical and has a very good success rate.

In the surgical treatment of an ingrown toenail, we remove only a small piece of the offending nail and solve the problem once and for all. Apart from this procedure in...

Cysts and Lipomas

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Cysts and lipomas are slow growing and non painful skin coloured tumours. Patients often use both these terms thinking they are the same, so it is worth clarifying matters.

Epidermal cysts are somewhat hard and are found more superficially on the skin, while the are mobile. Very often, there are more than one found on the same person, while if one's parents have these cysts, it increases the chances of developing one. Essentially, they are small bags composed of sebum producing cells. Sebum is an oily substance that lubricates and protects our skin when excreted on its surface. In the case...

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