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Several dermatological problems fall in this category, the most common are sclerotic and atrophic lichen and lichen follicularis. 

A common denominator in these conditions is the form of inflammatory cells encountered in a skin specimen and for this reason it is very important to acquire a skin biopsy. 

Sclerotic and atrophic lichen is encountered in the mucosa of male and female genitalia. Symptoms often include a burning sensation or itch. It is a condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated early on since it leads to destruction of the skins collagen and atrophy. It is worth noting that steroid creams that are often prescribed as an easy solution can worsen skin atrophy. In our practice, after the effective treatment of the disease we proceed with collagen restoration in an effort to restore the skin to its initial state. 

Lichen follicularis is another important form of lichen, more often encountered in women, that leads to permanent hair loss and destruction of hair follicles and scar formation. It often involves eyebrows as well. It is a difficult to treat condition but it can be stopped. 

Another form of lichen is lichen planus which appears as a rash and is characterised often by itchiness.

Finally, lichen my also greatly affect the nails and can appear as a net-like rash in the mouth. 

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