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Acne and Acneiform rashes

Juvenile acne, or just acne, is a very common skin problem with a very specific characteristic. It occurs just when a person starts to actively pay attention to his/her appearance and when one is at a very vulnerable age, wishing to be appealing to the opposite sex and build up confidence.

The hormonal upsurge occuring at that time, acts on the sebaceous glands and can lead to a picture that affects the psyche. Moreover, a young person of that age also has to deal with examinations that are crucial for his/her future, further fueling stress levels.

The aim of the treatment is to achieve good results as soon as possible, but without burdening a young patient's organism with 'heavy' regimes. It is important to deal with flare-ups and especially to prevent formation of scars, which remain in adult life and are costly to repair. We always take into consideration that a patient of such a young age is still activelly growing, but we never underestimate the importance of this problem for the individual.

As always, stress plays a role and it is a characteristic that major exam periods are often assocated with flare-ups and followed by marked improvement after they finish.

It is often seen that even in adult life some people are troubled with acneiform rashes (mentioned as adult acne). They look very similar but are essentially not the same condition as common acne. Sometimes hormonal problems may be at the base of the problem, therefore an endocrine check, especially in women with a very unsteady period may be useful. Most of the time however, the problem comes down to certain dietary habits. For this reason, along with the therapeutic regime we choose, we also discuss and advise on this subject, so as to avoid relapses after therapy.

Any scars remaining after treatment are dealt with subsequently in many ways, depending on the type of scars (ice pick scars, atrophic etc) and the period of the year.

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