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Skin conditions

pathiseis-dermatos-groupDermatology is first and foremost a medical practice, since a beautiful complexion has to be healthy.

The uniqueness of Professor K. Aroni is that she has obtained the specialty titles of both Dermatology Veneorology and Histopathology.

This provides the most profound understanding of dermatology and the connecting link between the clinical and microscopic level, with a direct impact on the therapeutic regimes.

Our dermatology and veneorology practice operates since 1980, so our experience is immense. However, we make sure we remain up to date with the latest developments in our fields. We follow the international bibliography, while we have strived to attain a significant publishing work ourselves in established international journals and even in classic international dermatology textbooks.

However, because knowledge alone is not sufficient, we devote the time needed to reach the correct diagnosis, through a careful medical history and clinical examination. This is followed by a discussion with the patient taking into account personal issues and concerns and finally we jointly establish the optimum therapeutic regime for him/her.

Finally, since the trusting relationship we develop with our patients precludes attainability, we are available on the phone for any possible clarifications. This allows us to have patients from all over Greece and from abroad. Finally, our dermatology clinic offers the possibility of home visits.

Urticaria - Hives

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Urticaria and angioedema are allergic reactions of the skin. The role of the Dermatologist is crucial to correctly diagnose these conditions and to treat them. 

Urticaria is characterised by a rash that comes and goes within 24 hrs. Withing a few hours one may notice lesions disappearing and new ones forming in a different place. It is caused by the release of histamine causing skin oedema and a pompous rash often called ' hives'. In the case of angioedema, the swelling takes place deeper in the skin and for this reason instead of small lumps, we have swelling of larger areas...


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Several dermatological problems fall in this category, the most common are sclerotic and atrophic lichen and lichen follicularis. 

A common denominator in these conditions is the form of inflammatory cells encountered in a skin specimen and for this reason it is very important to acquire a skin biopsy. 

Sclerotic and atrophic lichen is encountered in the mucosa of male and female genitalia. Symptoms often include a burning sensation or itch. It is a condition that needs to be diagnosed and treated early on since it leads to destruction of the skins collagen and atrophy. It is worth noting that steroid creams...

Eczema, atopic dermatitis

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Atopic dermatitis, often called eczema, is a form of internal allergy that is expressed in the skin and is characterized by itchiness. Frequently, patients suffering from this condition have a personal or family history of rhinitis, conjuctivitis or asthma. It is associated with a rise in the marker IgE on a blood test, while the extent of elevation is a prognostic marker.

Atopic dermatitis encompasses a spectrum from dry skin to extensive redness with blisters, scalling and intense pruritus. More commonly it affects the insides of elbows and knees. This inflammed skin that appears as if it is 'boiling' lead to...


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Psoriasis is a relatively common skin condition. It usually presents with red scaly lesions, appearing more often in areas of friction like elbows and knees. However, there are several forms of psoriasis that can affect many different areas. Moreover, psoriasis may affect the nails and joints.

The pathogenesis of psoriasis is a field of research and there is a constant effort to find new treatments (now usually injectable). However, many times specific lifestyle and dietary changes can have great results and reduce the pharmaceutical requirements.

This is because psoriasis can be seen as part of a metabolic syndrome, where liver function or...

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