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Laser hair removal

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Safe, effective and economic laser hair removal with Alexandrite (755nm) and Diode (808nm) lasers.

We have two truly outstanding lasers for epilation, an Alexandrite (755nm) and a Diode (808nm) laser of the latest technology made in Germany. Studies have proved that these two laser types are the most effective, while photolysis (IPL) is the last in effectiveness. Having both laser types enables us to choose the best solution for every skin type and sometimes to combine them to optimise effectiveness, ensuring faster results.

The Alexandrite laser is a long time favourite in the Greek market because ot its effectiveness. However, our favourite may well be the Diode laser since it is at least as effective and especially because of its safety-profile, since the longest wavelength it employs makes it operate deeper in the skin, sparing the melanin in the epidermis. It is therefore safer than Alexandrite laser, especially for darker complexions and periods of sunshine. This allows us to continue epilation through the summer with safety. Finally, especially in the bikini and armpit areas where hair is usually darker and their roots are deeper, the results are amazing.

Another characteristic of our diode laser is its great speed, which allows us to treat a whole back in 10 minutes. Moreover it does not have ay expendables, unlike other lasers. These two factors keep the operating cost low and allow us to have low prices per session.

Laser epilation should be performed under the supervision of a doctor and in our practice you can choose to have it performed by a specialist Dermatologist. Apart from his theoretical background knowledge, having the same person perform your laser sessions ensures his experience and knowledge of the apparatus and of your personal settings, which need to be readjusted as sessions progress.

Since in the evaluation of each case any possible hormonal abnormalities need to be acknowledged and dealt with while a realistic evaluation of the result will be performed explaining that:

The darker and thicker the hair is the better the result. Especially when it is associated with light-coloured skin.

More fair hair colour makes it harder to achieve comparably pleasing result.
In each session only a limited number of hair shafts can be destroyed, depending on where they are in their cycle of life.

Book a free consultation with Dr. Ioannidis for more information and a price offer.

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