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Thread lift

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Threads and thread - lifts have been used in aesthetic Dermatology for many years. New developments that took place and gave a new boost have more to do with choice of materials for their manufacture and some small but important novelties in the way of use. 

The bottom line is that threads are possibly one of the best methods for improving the look of the lower face. They deal with the improve the drooping appearance that comes with age around the jaw and jaw-line and skin laxity in the neck. They also have good results when used for smoker's lines in the upper lip. They can also be used in other parts of the body achieving skin tightening through collagen production. 

To simplify things, lets classify them as 'smooth' that cause tightening and minimal lift and threads with cogs, that can give a true lift effect without the surgery. 

To achieve a desired effect with the first category, we require 2-3 sessions, roughly a month apart. Their placement is quick, easy and painless, with essentially no down-time. We place them in a way that creates a scaffold, leading to collagen production and skin tightening. Their result lasts for at least a year.

The second category of threads achieve their result in one session. Likewise, their placement is quick and easy. Their result lasts for almost 2 years.


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