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The use of Botox revolutionized aesthetic dermatology since it became a safe and quick method for dealing with wrinkles caused by expression.

Its periodic use either prevents their formation, greatly improves or clears already established ones. First treatment usually lasts 4-6 months but after 2-3 sessions, it is only required every six months and then once a year is enough to sustain a good result.

The longevity of the effect depends not only on the quality of the product used (we only use Botox and Dysport), but also on its dilution, the time since its constitution and the way of preservation. All these factors are crucial for a great result along with correct dosing and technique of course!

It is usually performed on the upper face and may be combined with other methods for optimum results. It is ideal for treating frown lines (between the eyebrows), wrinkles in the forehead and next to the eyes (crow's feet).

It does not work by 'filling in' wrinkles, but it acts by relaxing the underlying muscles that contract with certain expressions and wrinkle the overlying skin. In effect, it allows skin to restore its appearance in its own time and for this reason it takes 3-4 days to notice any difference, two weeks to see a proper result and about one month for the full effect to be evident.

It has been medically used for over 20 years and has proven its safety and efficacy with millions of followers yearly. It is so quick and apparently 'easy' that it is used by many practitioners, so it is important to have someone properly qualified to perform it. Botox is above all a medical act, which means that even though it may be one of the best aesthetic choices, there is always a medical history and a clinical examination beforehand, in order to establish whether its use is appropriate for each case.

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