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Treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks

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Procedures treating wrinkles and stretch marks renew the skin by resurfacing the upper part of the skin leading to new collagen formation.

With these techniques we achieve new collagen production and a remodeling of the affected area, smoothening wrinkles and stretch marks. Best results are achieved by combining different techniques and alternating resurfacing methods.

It is important to note that the speed of achieving the final results depends to an extent on skin colour, since we can be more aggressive on lighter skin types and get faster results. This is because there is a down-time, that is a time period of days with irritation and possible depilation in the treated area after a session. All treatments can be performed in conjunction with PRP to improve results and reduce this down-time.

Finally in certain deep scars we can use fat from the same patient (lipofilling) or hyaluronic acid fillers to reduce the depth, with beautiful natural results.

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