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Age Spots, Melasma

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Sun age spots and melasma are common esthetic problems with deal with in our practice.

Sun spots, also called age spots, usually appear on the face and hands. In these lesions the excess melanin is found superficially in the skin and for this reason their treatment is easier. This is performed either with specialized lasers that selectively target melanin, minimizing collateral irritation, either with chemical peels that are applied on the affected area alone.

Choice of therapy is done after evaluating the problem and discussing the possibilities with you. After a single session the problem may be solved or significantly improved. Sometimes however, a number of 2-3 sessions may be required. The new skin that appears is initially pink-red.

In melasma, the problem is found deeper in the skin and therefore its treatment is more difficult. Good history taking is important and certain blood tests may be prescribed so as to identify factors that may have lead to its appearance or cause its relapse after treatment.

Therapy includes topical cream applications and oral medications, while chemical peels and laser treatments need to be performed in a stepwise fashion with great care, to avoid worsening of the problem. This is of paramount importance in darker skin types that are more prone to relapses in melasma.

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