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Laser - RF therapies

efarmoges-laser-group-photo-shutterstock 143267494A few words about Lasers – Light is an energy form

The use of lasers revolutionised Dermatology, however the use of energy sources for therapies is a very old story. Since ancient times it was known that cauterising with fire was effective in dealing with many problems. However, an immediate result of this cauterisation was that healthy tissue  was destroyed along with the target lesion leading to scars.

Laser discovery in the 20th century allowed scientists to narrow things down and use a more targeted energy emission in specific wave lengths, rather than a wide spectrum (e.g. light). Another important discovery was that certain targets in our body such as melanin in hair follicles and age spots or hemoglobin in blood vessels, selectively absorb energy in these wave lengths compared to surrounding skin.

These discoveries lead to Laser use in Dermatology whereby energy emission in specific wave lengths damage and destroy these targets, requiring less amount of energy and therefore without scars and collateral healthy tissue damage.

Bellow is a list of problems were we use lasers and other energy emission devices like Radiofrequencies (RF) in their therapy. They have uses in other conditions and therapies too.

Face and body tightening

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These methods are ideal for people who cannot take any time off their schedule due to redness after a more aggressive treatment. They have no down time and you can go about your daily routine unhindered. They are also not affected by sun-exposure pre or post treatment.

They lead to an improvement in skin tone and cause mild skin rejuvenation. Moreover, by following specific protocols we can treat and improve cellulite.

All these treatments are carried out without affecting the epidermis, since they act directly on the underlying, deeper skin. For this reason however, more than one sessions are required.

A few words...

Age Spots, Melasma

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Sun age spots and melasma are common esthetic problems with deal with in our practice.

Sun spots, also called age spots, usually appear on the face and hands. In these lesions the excess melanin is found superficially in the skin and for this reason their treatment is easier. This is performed either with specialized lasers that selectively target melanin, minimizing collateral irritation, either with chemical peels that are applied on the affected area alone.

Choice of therapy is done after evaluating the problem and discussing the possibilities with you. After a single session the problem may be solved or significantly improved. Sometimes...

In our practice we deal with a wide array of vascular lesions from telengectasias to hemangiomas. For lower limb telengectasias we always recommend first a triplex evaluation of the deeper circulation of the legs and we usually start with sclerotherapy.

Hemangiomas and telengiectasias in the face and body require not only knowledge and experience but also the appropriate specialized devices/lasers. In our practice we have two types of laser devices that specialize in vascular lesions, employed both for medical and aesthetic reasons with great results.

In our practice, safety is of foremost importance and you will be spoilt for choice from all...

Scar resurfacing treatments

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Procedures treating scars in the face and body renew the skin by resurfacing the upper part of the skin leading to new collagen formation.

With these techniques we achieve new collagen production and a remodeling of the affected area, smoothening of acne scars and other body and face scars. Of course, it is essential to have dealt with any acne issues first, before treating any scars and marks. Best results are achieved by combining different techniques and alternating resurfacing methods.

It is important to note that the speed of achieving the final results depends to an extent on skin colour, since we...

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