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Lipofilling - Lipotransfer

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Our practice was one of the first to use this technique since we have been using liposuction and lipofilling (fat grafting) since 1995.

The procedure is painless and totally safe, since under local anesthesia we remove a small amount of fat (e.g. 20-30ml) from somewhere you don't need it and put it somewhere you have lost it! Usual places that we use fat are around the cheekbones and under the eyes for that 'always tired' look and in deep wrinkles around the mouth. It is also ideal for lip enhancement since it is the most natural and safe filler.

Placement of the fat removed is done with very small special needles and is performed again under local anesthesia on the same day and in some occasions on 1 or 2 repeat sessions using fat that has been stored in deep freeze. This means that no hospitalisation is required, all treatments take place in our practice and you can continue your holiday or daily routine unhindered.

Fat is by far the best filler for volume restoration and there are several reasons for this:

  • This material comes from the same organism so there is no possibility for an adverse reaction to it.
  • It can be safely used throughout the face and lips.
  • We can use a large quantity with safety and a totally natural result that lasts for years.
  • Fat cells produce oestrogens improving the texture of the skin and providing a certain ‘glow’.
  • It can be combined with plasma further improving the effectiveness of the technique.
  • It is more economical compared to the use of equal amounts of foreign materials whose price would include the purchase of the substances.

Basically, we cannot praise this technique enough! The only reason it is not used more widely is that it requires training and that it is more demanding and time consuming than foreign fillers. Bear in mind that the initial session requires approximately 2 and a half hours. If you don't smoke and the younger you are the better the results.

You should expect approximately 50% of the fat to 'catch' and we proud ourselves in keeping a high 'take-up' percentage. We are now using platelet rich plasma and its growth factors and mix it with the fat for even better results. The impressive result lasts for years since as we characteristically say ‘the new fat grows old with you’.

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